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Want to give it a go on your own? We do the prepping, you do all the creating!  Choose your own colors of high quality professional balloons.  We supply the right amount of balloons in an array of sizes, for you to put together a beautiful 10 foot garland.  Instructions and supplies included for assembling and installing in your space.


 You cannot go without and electric balloon inflator from AMAZON!  It will save you tons of time, energy, and breath! (as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases).


  • If you are picking up, please to do not transport the balloons in a open-bed truck, convertible, we cannot guarantee the balloons will stay put (most likely they won't).  Please also make sure the size garland you order fits in your vehicle.  Garlands-to-go range from 4-8 feet in length.  If you find you need a larger, more customized look and install, please contact for a quote or text 817-313-0812

    *Once your order is placed, due to quick turnaround your order cannot be cancelled*