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Installing your garland

Find your install spot.  You can use an existing hook, screw, stairway railing, etc.   Or use the command hooks supplied.  Be sure to start with a clean, dry, smooth surface.  Also follow Command Hook directions carefully to avoid damage to your surface.  Video link to Command is here.

Once you have the hook placed, wait about 10 minutes until you secure your garland on.  If you have a longer garland, you might need 2-3 hooks.

The Command Hook has a looped balloon already tied on for you.  Simply loop it around a balloon close to your hook, and work the loop down toward the necks of the balloons tied together (Fig. A).

You can also combine 2 garlands together by taking a looped skinny balloon, and looping it around a cluster of balloon from each of the ends and connecting them snuggly.

Make sure any accent or smaller latex balloons are facing forward.  You can reposition a little bit as needed.

Voila! Enjoy your garland!  Be sure to follow Command's instructions here for removal to avoid any damage.

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